COMMUNITY & HOME: Poems written at Langfield Care Home, Langley.

The following poems were written in Langley by participants of the Small Things Creative STORY BOX sessions held in at Langfield Care Home on 3rd & 4th June 2019. The sessions used the Overspill theme to share stories of Home and Community with participants who were living with, or caring for someone with, dementia.


Like a market

Wouldn’t go anywhere like that.

Too much.

Too busy.

Looks like a Roman building.

Does look Roman, doesn’t it?

Like Italy or Spain.

Greek or Roman. Two pillars.

Flats above a shop

Could be noisy.

I remember being in Newcastle.

I lived near the bridge – the River Tyne.

And a lovely park – Saltwell park.

It had 5 bridges. You had to pay a penny to cross over the bridge. Was it worth the trip? Oh yeah!

Take it with you.

Looking down and saying: “Oh that’ll do.”

Old house

Chimney pots

Smoking chimney pots – very bad for your health.

You got your fresh air at the park.

To me it looks like a café.

This reminds me of where I used to live.

Reminds me of the park in Langley.

Home Acrostic

H aving family inside

H igh chair

H appy

H appiness

O rdinary

O rnaments

O ranges

O ff – when someone comes to the door!

M y sister now lives in my flat

M emories

M other

M ouse……….

E ek!

E veryone is happy

E nd of the day

E xtra special people

Haunted Ham Shank

I’d live there, ‘cause I’m a silly mare

I’d live with my wife Joan, then I’m not alone

That might be better

I like that, ‘cause I’ve always fancied a bike

It’d be nice to go out at night

Be nice to live in the woods

I’d have a dog, then I wouldn’t be scared of the bears

We had a dog called Snoopy

Like a modern house

I like the reflection

The big tree is nice by the cottage

Then you find out you have an expensive electric bill

If you had a house you might get a mouse

I lived somewhere like that but it was a flat

I never had a garden so I liked living there

It was very quiet there

Set off a path

I don’t think we were allowed animals

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