Growing up in the Overspill

Mum and Dad were housed in Whinfell Drive. I was born in Langley, Whinfell Drive in 1958. I remember my family life being very happy and full of love.

This Christmas, 2019, I am staying again for Christmas. My 4 siblings, who live all over the country, have all been here too with their families, to visit mum who’s 93. She’s here today to see this exhibition and my daughter is too – 3 generations. Very interesting for her, thanks!

St Mary’s School prepared me for the 11+ and so I went to Bury Convent. I became a teacher, secondary and got on well with some of the more ‘difficult’ children. My career was long and the past 25+ years were working with adults who wanted to improve their literacy skills, and so their life chances.

I now live in Chester and the overspill estates of Bracon and Lache and in Ellesmere Port were very familiar to me. Some of these people went on to become classroom assistants, nurses, counsellors and teachers. People deserve chances, good places to live and respect.


You don’t have to be rich to be content

My memory is of an unfinished estate, a bare house and my 2 young daughters, one three years old and one 1 month old. We tried dressing the house with decorations, but it still looked bleak but when the tree was lit, it looked lovely and we felt happier.

The presents were important, we weren’t rich and I bought their presents from Kays Catalogue, and Janet was delighted with her doll etc. We were always a happy family and Xmas was always special to us.

You don’t have to be rich to be content. 


First Christmas in Darnhill

My first Christmas was in 1967. My daughter Helen was 2 months old. It was lovely. We had Christmas dinner at my mother-in-laws. It was a lovely atmosphere.

My husband was from Higher Openshaw. He came with his mum and dad. I came from Bacup so it was a smashing atmosphere, everybody was very friendly.

The shops were all great, you didn’t need to shop in Heywood. I made a lot of friends. My husband said I knew more people on the estate than he did.